Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Musical Dream Classes

By Mark T. Burke

The other day, a friend of Music Within Me's Facebook page, Mike DePalma (eLearning Developer, Designer, Leader, and general do it all guy), shared Seth Godin's new eBook "Stop Stealing Dreams."  Last night, I started reading and couldn't put it down.  I'm looking forward to getting back to it today.  Seth's mission is to get us all thinking about educational revolution, how school's MUST change since our audience, our kids, jobs, social needs, family needs, WORLD needs have changed so drastically since the school model was developed.  At the core of the developing educational model on day one was a very real need to turn students into obedient, compliant line workers.  In fact, the key skills requiring mastery at that time were..."Be on time, do what you are told, sit up straight, don't talk out loud."  Schools actually did quite well at instilling those skills.

I don't need to give you a summary of the eBook, you would be better served by reading it for yourself.  But, as Seth said, asked....pleaded, we must take lessons from his words and apply them to what we do each day, in our classrooms, in our boardrooms, and for us, in our music rooms.  Where do we start?

If the new goal of school is to create something different from what we have now, and if new technologies and new connections are changing the way school can deliver its lessons, it’s time for a change.

Here are a dozen ways school can be rethought:

Homework during the day, lectures at night
Open book, open note, all the time
Access to any course, anywhere in the world
Precise, focused instruction instead of mass, generalized instruction
The end of multiple-choice exams
Experience instead of test scores as a measure of achievement
The end of compliance as an outcome
Cooperation instead of isolation
Amplification of outlying students, teachers, and ideas
Transformation of the role of the teacher
Lifelong learning, earlier work
Death of the nearly famous college   ------ Section 17 of Stop Stealing Dreams, Seth Godin.
 How can this list apply to what you do?  Do you meet any of these criteria?  Many?  All?  How so? 

Mark Burke is the CEO and Founder of Music Within Me.  Music Within Me provides beginning level music courses for online study, in-school program development and program supplement.  In addition to his work at Music Within Me, Mark is the author and developer of EYE, the Entrepreneurial Youth Experience, an online entrepreneurship program for high school students developed in partnership with BLaST IU17 in Williamsport, PA.  Mark is an advocate for innovations in education, including Hybrid Learning, as expressed during his recent TEDx Talk.  (http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxWilliamsport-Mark-Burke-H-2).  Mark's next appearance will take place on March 16th at the Fashion Institute of Technology's EdTech Day, Teaching, Learning and Sharing in the Cloud. (http://www.fitnyc.edu/11511.asp) Following that presentation, Mark will provide two sessions at the March 29th, Sax Days at Lycoming College.  Sessions include "Where Do Entrepreneurs Come From?" and "Creating a Culture of Innovation in Music Education" (http://www.lycoming.edu/music/saxophone.aspx).


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