Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gallup Poll: ALMOST Half Say Better Teaching is Better...ALMOST half!

By Mark T. Burke

Almost half?  ALMOST half of the respondents said they thought a better teacher, who taught online trumped a less effective teacher teaching face to face.  ALMOST HALF of us said better teaching was better?  WHAT?  Better teaching IS better..period...right?  

After reviewing a great student Prezi presentation, made available on Twitter by Dr. Joe Pisano (, I decided to review the Highlights of the 2011 Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll; What Americans said about the public schools.  

I hope you visit each link and especially take some time with the Prezi....students work hard, we should spend time with their work!  Then, read the summary.

One paragraph in particular really caught my attention: 
We asked Americans if they favor using a more effective
high school teacher who would offer instruction over the
Internet as opposed to a less effective teacher who was
physically in the classroom with students. Almost half of
Americans are open to the idea that higher quality instruction
trumped having a teacher present in the classroom.
Have we lost sight of what teaching and learning is about JUST so we can stick to tradition? Do we really support our kids being taught by less effective teachers...period, regardless of delivery?

The issue for me is not the format...the issue is the acceptance that we would answer this question any other way than to choose the most effective teachers.  Are we really saying that if we had a choice between our students working with a teacher who has won recognition and awards as a great teacher, we would choose NOT to have our students work with them if given the choice simply because of the delivery option?  

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  1. Why keep learning even in adulthood? Because to cease learning is to "die" at least metaphorically. The world changes constantly, and always has done so. To live fully and wisely, each of us must learn constantly, too. To live is to learn, and to live well is to learn always. Adult education is our best remedy defense against a kind of premature death of the mind and heart. Those of us who make learning a commitment make good sense a way of life!