Sunday, February 5, 2012

APP Review: Notability, FANTASTIC note taking APP...WOW!

By Mark T. Burke

I came across this great article from The Great Prairie Area Education Agency,  by Marge Nash, Assistive Technology Specialist.  Within the many apps Marge highlights, I found an amazing gem.  Notability is a note taking app.  On the surface, that sounds pretty bland...but...oh my...not so.  I found the app priced today at $0.99...what?  Only $0.99?

Here's why I love the app.  The record and seek feature is amazing.  Let's say you've asked students to provide feedback to fellow student's compositions.  Using Notability, student create a new note, name it and even take a picture of the other student to embed into the note.  Then, they can start the audio recording.  As the recording is made, students can use TEXT entry to document their thoughts and reactions to the music AS IT PLAYS.  They can also take hand written notes.  As the performance continues, they can continue taking notes, mixing text entry, drawings and handwriting (well, finger writing :-).  If they have more notes than can fit on a page, no problem.  Pages can be added, in a scrolling, infographic style.  When finished, students can seek specific locations in the audio recording by clicking on the typed text...that is awesome!  Having the ability to jump directly to the entered note and HEAR the music being played when the student made the note, incredible, simple and powerful.

I love how combining text with pictures and hand drawn graphics with typed text and audio creates a full package that can be emailed and shared with others.  Here are a few applications I quickly came up with for use in the classroom.

1.)  Peer reviews (as mentioned above).
2.)  Review/Reactions to any composition/performance.
3.)  Brain storming new composition structures using through graphic organizer creation.
4.)  Artistic element review .. ie.. via the camera and pic embed tools (could use for creation CD covers for class or individual projects).
5.)  Procedural watching and reacting to a process demonstrated in class, capturing steps and desired outcomes.

Stop by iTunes and grab the app.   From there, you can review the many other features.

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