Thursday, February 9, 2012

APP Review: MadPad HD

By Mark T. Burke

W-A-I-T AAAAA M-I-N-U-T-E....this is simply AWESOME!  If you've not been following APPs, then start with MadPad HD.  Once you've tried this APP, you'll be ruined for life...seriously, it's that good.

Here are two demos:

This APP is seriously addictive.  Within the highlighted videos there is one by a user named Buckleit, playing the Telemann Canon.  It demonstrates a more structured, instrumental use of the APP which I believe serves as a great model for getting instrumental students to apply their skills to a new performance medium.  Making a "set" of themselves playing requires a ton of attention to detail including good articulation, note endings, consistent pitch, tone and dynamic control. After their finished, experimenting with the remix provides a creative activity, all around their own instrumental playing.  Planning the set also requires creativity, scripting, choices, quality control, editing and more.

Other classroom uses (other than compositional remixes):

1. ) Teaching special needs language skills...record vowel and consonants which can be combined into words during a remix.

2.)  Teaching foreign language sentence structure....record individual words that can be remixed into sentences.

3.)  Teaching intervals....record individual tones and have student construct music using a predetermined sequence of intervals.

I could go on but my list would be tiny compared to what the collective has already developed. 

The APP has built in share tools, uploads to YouTube and more...Check out the site for more information then download it.

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