Tuesday, February 14, 2012

APP Review: Headspace Mind Mapping 3D

By Mark T. Burke

I've been searching through Mind-Mapping APPs looking for one that really stands out.  Mind Mapping to me is very different than note taking.  Some APPs are claiming to deliver mind-mapping disguised as note taking.  I have a rather traditional view of mind-mapping in that I like mind-maps that are text based.  To me, mind mapping is about the gathering of thoughts during ideation sessions.  Ideations generally come in the form of language, top of mind thoughts, where ideas link to other ideas, supporting or contradicting other ideas.  While graphics and videos can be incorporated, they are too complex. The idea of ideation and mind mapping is to clarify the complex.  For that reason, I am not a fan of including too many graphical elements into a mind-map.

One thing that has always been a weakness of traditional mind map applications, like Visio and Inspiration (although I do love Inspiration), is a lack of dimension.  Two dimensional mind maps do limit the visual representation of ideas somewhat. Also, static maps create a rather confusing array of connected elements since they generally presented everything all at one time.  So, an app that adds a third dimension and allows for changing the view dynamically (nesting and un-nesting)....sweet!

Oh...I guess I should mention, Headspace is just that kind of app.  I LOVE the creation space.  It shows items nested, translucently nested to a parent, and in a 3D environment.  You can nest on demand and move around the creation space as if moving through SPACE.  Love it!

The Lite version is FREE but is limited to one space.  For $3.99 you can have unlimited spaces and the ability to export spaces.

I love the potential for this app in many learning situations including project planning, creating justifications, artistic idea strategy development, process documentation, behavior observation and more.  Headspace may best be used in an advanced class due to the nature of the complexity it can create (and mirror), but who am I?  Try it.

Headspace Mind Mapper

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