Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pick and Pack Music Education

By Mark T. Burke

Let's go shopping. Visit any webstore you want.  Take a look through the available items, choose a few and place your order.  Now, enter your payment and shipping information....and SUBMIT.  Within a few days, the order arrives at your door and ... FANTASTIC... your widgets and wonders are yours to enjoy. On most occasions, this process works and we are satisfied.  Live is good.

Behind the scenes of this magical system of commerce and consumption lies a bewildering web of people skills, human labor, technology and automation.  It is this inside world that provides inspiration for today's post. Let's just start off with a field trip.  Watch this TedX Boston video...then come back.

What could we gain if we changed our perspective and approached our students as pickers rather than consumer.  How would this perspective change the way we think about curriculum, course offerings, skill acquisition? From this perspective, who are the real consumers of our music educational offerings? To help pickers fill orders, what would our delivery system look like?

Our store is open for, let's decide what we sell.

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