Monday, November 28, 2011

The Perspective of "After Work" Musicians and Teachers

By Mark T. Burke

Take a look at this graphic.

Let's consider "Perspective."  What could this graphic mean for the Custom Builder on the right?  How is his life and career influenced by the Music Teacher on the left?  From his perspective, what is the value of his musical abilities? 

From the perspective of the Music Teacher.  Same questions? 

Now, let's consider things from the perspective of the customers of the Music Teacher and the students of the Custom Builder.  What do the opportunities offered by both the side business of the Music Teacher and Customer Builder offer them? 

When we consider "perspective" we can learn a ton about how how music and music education fits into our lives.  But, the answers will vary.  That's where we all come in.  How would you answer the questions above?  What's your perspective?

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