Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Arts and PLAY: PLAY can change a Nation

By Mark T. Burke

Yesterday, I started a joint blogging effort with my affiliate, BLaST IU 17 and talked about PLAY and how entrepreneurs who harness their abilities to PLAY when thinking through issues excel in the world of innovation. PLAY is more than an individual philosophy to live by. PLAY can change nations. In fact, we can learn from countries that seem to avoid PLAY. In this video, Steve Keil talks about how Bulgaria could rise about their "lowest in every measure" standing, by adopting a mentality of PLAY. But of course, in my vision, Music and the Arts are CRITICAL components of PLAY, as Steve points out as well. 

Here's a word about Steve (taken from Ted.com).

Steve Keil is an entrepreneur whose passion is to create companies in which people are inspired to make their mark with their ideas and imagination. He believes that business leaders are responsible for creating such an environment, by including social and environmental objectives in their personal and business ethics. He has taught at the American College, written for various publications, and currently teaches at the University of Sofia.

He says: "I don't like plastic bottles."
"We all need to play more and honor that inner child we have locked in the closets of our psyches."
Integral Options Cafe

In schools, PLAY includes the Arts, Music, recess, class activities, assessments, discovery learning, thinking skills, and more. PLAY should not be thought of as frivolous fun with little meaning. PLAY opens the mind, frees us to consider new possibilities and helps us build positive "thinking habits." Have you ever felt overwhelmed while playing? Have you ever felt hopeless while playing? Have you every felt boxed-in while playing? My guess is the answer to all of those questions is... NO. However, those feelings easily creep into our daily work. We allow ourselves to loose momentum in our work when we start to experience overwhelmed, boxed in and hopeless feelings.

Enjoy this amazing TED video and .... this just out....I will be speaking at the BLaST IU17 hosted TEDx event this October. I am very excited!