Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Peanut Butter and Online Music Courses Have in Common

By Mark T. Burke

Take two pieces of bread and toss them across the room. Did they stay together? Most likely not. Now, grab some peanut butter and spread one slice. Put the two pieces together and toss them again.  Now....did they stay together?  Most likely they DID.

Now, grab the sandwich and enjoy! Never waste food!

Music programs need binding forces to keep all things good moving forward and keep bad things from happening. Music programs with no binding forces, resources that knit and glue "things" together, get blown apart and fall to the ground, scattered.  For example, when music programs simply exist to exist, binding forces are not present.  There has to be validation, purpose, value beyond just existence. 

Online music courses, when added to existing programs act as a binding force.  The online materials connect students to instruction BETWEEN lessons.  See my post "It's What Happens Between Music Lessons that Counts."  Online courses CONNECT music programs to educational systems by providing a one-stop shop to demonstrate performance and skills mastery through recordings, feedback and recorded test scores. Online courses also GLUE families and communities to student efforts through the sharing of student progress, continually demonstrating the work involved in becoming a musician and the true personal pleasure it brings to students.

Looking for a way to CONNECT, BIND or GLUE your program into your school system?


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