Monday, January 10, 2011

Knowing What's to the Art.

By Mark T. Burke

Over the last few months, the team at viaAcademies has been busy focusing on our 2011 priorities. Near the end of 2010, we quietly changed our tag line to match our focus which includes products and services for any and all art forms using various delivery methods.  Our name continues to demonstrate our use of powerful virtual tools that help our customers connect, either student to teacher, teacher to teacher, or teacher to business and music industry professional.  

Our plan is to build on our expanding list of services which by 2010 had already pushed beyond being solely a "Virtual Instrumental Musical Arts Academy."  We launched our summer workshop for saxophone students in July 2010 as well as opened our Professional Development Center.  We will soon announce details on our Summer Workshops (yes Workshop"s") 2011 and we are currently working with several key partners to provide several additional professional development opportunities for the remaining part of this schools year and next.  While our focus is on expanding services, we continue to develop innovative online music curriculum including our Exploring Music course (available for GarageBand and Mixcraft). 

What does the future hold? Predicting the future is an ART any business would like to master. While we don't have supernatural vision, we believe we are good listeners.  First, reacting to what our customers and partners are broadcasting means we recognized in 2010 that the Arts need groups willing and able to help those within CONNECT.  While our name demonstrates our use of technology to help build those connections, we in no way want to send a message that we believe we should (or must) be 100% virtual.  The Arts need connections, and helping others (and ourselves) make those connections using technology is our goal. Through our connections last year, the programs we launched came to reality.  Second, we believe an integrated arts academy, with strong virtual tools and the ability to connect various audiences through various art forms serves as a model for the future of arts education. We'll make mistakes we know, pioneers often do. However, we are already rolling up our sleeves even future and getting our hands dirty. Hopefully that is just enough of a teaser to attract some comments and new connections among us all.  For now, the details are "what's to come." 

We love and welcome all comments.  Our team, partnerships and connections are growing. If you have an idea for how we can connect, send me a note


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