Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music and Arts...Helping Answer the Question of Where Entrepreneurs Come From.

By Mark T. Burke

Last night, I had the pleasure of presenting the viaAcademies story to a team of leaders at Bloomsburg University.  The team included the Provost, Deans and Department Chairs.  My role in the meeting was to discuss our story to help answer the question "Where Do Entrepreneurs Come From?"  Why is this question important?  Entrepreneurs are key to driving our country forward.  New, innovative ideas help us escape from the "same old, same old" syndrome.  I believe few people feel as a nation we should generally just keep doing things the way we are, counting on our existing businesses to raise us back to economic health.  I would even say as a nation, we are depending on the Entrepreneurial spirit to create new businesses AND to help guide existing ones in new directions.  As evidences by their attendance, the Bloom U team agrees. 

Having spent my life in the "Creative" realm, I took this opportunity to share how educational institutions can build the entrepreneurial spirit in students and staff.  In order to produce entrepreneurs, schools have to understand the entrepreneur mindset and ensure their programs foster those behaviors and skills.  Here are few screen captures from my presentation focused on key entrepreneur characteristics. 

Music and the Arts are positioned well to produce entrepreneur minded students who in turn create innovations that make our world a better place.  Our programs by their nature open the minds of our students, develop discipline, create strong work ethics in diverse, adaptable humans. 

viaAcademies was applauded and recognized for our contribution to the entrepreneurial spirit within our community.  The whole team has yet to fully appreciate what we have done and where we have yet to go.  We are ensuring the Music and Arts community are thinking ahead of our current time, ensuring that generations to come will have access to quality Music instruction.  We have been applauded not for thinking narrowly within our domain, but broadly about why music is important and why those who work to become musicians can have such a profound impact on our society.  Specifically for the meeting last night, we were applauded for merging Music and Entrepreneurship into a story that inspired others to action.

I was invited back to help spread the word further and I am thrilled to do so.  I hope everyone in the musical community recognizes this as a stride forward for Music and music education everywhere.  Get on board, think innovation within your program, talk to us, talk to others...create the entrepreneurial spirit in your program. 

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