Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Arts Build Better Leaders

By Mark T. Burke

A few weeks ago, I posted "The Creative Workforce:  How Music Students are Prepared. Are You?"  Within the post, I linked to a valuable guide on the traits employers seek in employee leaders.  You can find the chart on our site at:  "The Creative Workforce Characteristics."

A few days ago, a teacher for viaAcademies, Mr. Tom West, posted "Ben Cameron on the New Performing Arts Reformation."

The importance of the Arts in our economy, to the health of our communities and the success of organizations has never been better articulated.  After watching Ben Cameron's TED Talk video below, I couldn't wait to publish the video again, to talk about the critical nature of the arts in building better people, better organizations and better communities through better leaders. 

Company and school leaders....if you watch no other part, watch these two sections.

8:49 - The Arts are critical to the health of our communities
  • The Arts will be more important to the economits in the future....
  • Business leadership will depend more and more on emotional intelligence ... the very capacities the arts cultivate.
  • Yale and Harvard...Recently restructured their MBA programs to include CREATIVE thinking...

10:40....The Creative Age....The Integrated Left and Right Brain Age.

Leaders who have experienced the arts, personally, through participation are more prepared to communicate their organization's mission and vision.  They can engage other employees toward the mission and vision and can react to change through creative problem solving.  On top of that, the arts promote a deeper understanding of human nature.  A leader who truly empathizes with employees and customers is able to create change for both.  That change will increase the organizational value and contribution to the world.

Challenges to all...
  • Music teachers...be inspired to advocate for your curriculum and your role in your schools.
  • Innovators....innovate and unite to ensure music and the arts maintain their place in educational systems. Let's not let the complexity of our world accidentally push the arts aside. 
  • Business Leaders....hire creative people, trust them and empower them, get to know them.  Involve yourself with the Arts.  Let go of your spreadsheets and numbers for periods of time, they will be there for you when you come back.
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