Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Up Close and Personal...with our online Instrument Courses that is.

By Mark T. Burke

It's easy to take a tour of our online Instrumental Music courses.  Simply follow the video trail below or pick the topics that interest you most.

Part 1:  Course Introduction. Students learn the basics in the Prelude Section of their course.

Part 2: The Units. Students interact with the content arranged by Units and Lessons.

Part 3: Practice Partner Videos. Students can learn great things from other students. We've included many Practice Partner Videos for students to listen to, watch and play along with.  The videos showcase high school and early college aged students playing exercises from the required level 1 lesson book.

Part 4: Quizzes. Quizzes in instrumental music? Absolutely! Students test their understanding of key concepts by taking auto graded quizzes throughout the course.

Part 5: Recorded Assignments. Communication and feedback from live teachers is CRITICAL. Students practice, record and submit 30+ assignments to teachers for specific feedback and advice.

Part 6: Tests and the student Gradebook. Students are assessed in a variety of ways including LiveLessons (online lessons with their teachers), recorded exercises and Unit exams.Their entire gradebook demonstrates their progress and performance throughout their 12 month enrollment period (and beyond if desired).

Interested in enrolling your students? Are you a school teacher or administrator? Contact me for school pricing and enrollment options.

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