Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Out-Of-Tune Rule the World...A Rant.

By Mark T. Burke

I've noticed a phenomenon, if a player plays out of tune, they never experiencing the PAIN and AGONY of playing with someone who is...out of tune.  In fact, they seem a bit clueless.  I've tried wincing, putting the tuner on my stand 100 times per hour to check my own intonation, confused looking glances directed toward the other player etc, all too subtle obviously.  More than a handful of good musicians have had to endure the frustration of being teamed up with another musician who can't play in tune.  Inevitably, the good musician is the one who suffers.  The one who plays out of tune, leaves the gig happy, in fact pleased about their performance.  Meanwhile, the "tuned up" member leaves 100% frustrated, exhausted due to the constant adjustments needed to "attempt" to play in tune with the other person.

Life as a musician is not always fair...

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