Friday, February 26, 2010

Musical "Ornaments"

By Mark T. Burke

"Your home is a reflection of your soul."

How about your home?  Does your home reflect your love for music?  This morning, I was looking around our house and decided to count the musical instruments we have displayed throughout.  I guess you could say we use some for "ornamental" purposes.  A few of them are past their prime so that makes sense. 

Here's the tally.

1 Lute
1 Violin (from my Great, Great Grandfather.  It is one of the first Strad copies - it even has the Strad label inside)
1 Wooden Clarinet (Albert system)
1 Silver, Metal Clarinet
1 Bugel
1 Baritone (Henry Distin from the factory in Williamsport PA)
1 Cornet
3 Recorders (2 plastic and 1 wooden - my favorite Hohner)
1 Harmonica (I can not figure this little thing out :-)
1 Native American Flute
1 Penny Whistle
1 Slide Whistle (What ???)
2 Alto Saxes (our axes)
1 Soprano Sax (my kid)
2 Selmer Clarinets (Judy's baby's)
1 Flute (again, for Judy)

If you come to our house, bring a reed, mouthpiece, pick or bow, there's most likely something you can play. 

How about your home?  Does it reflect your love for music?  How many musical "ornaments" can you identify in your home?   


  1. I don't have nearly that many, but here's my total:

    1 Selmer Clarinet (my axe, in need of serious repairs right now)
    1 Bundy Clarinet (the horn I started on - a bit moldy)
    1 tenor sax (also needs work)
    1 trumpet
    1 trombone
    1 violin (my newest toy - I'm a strings teacher now, too!)
    1 keyboard synth (kids play on it constantly)
    5 plastic recorders
    3 harmonicas, including my grandpap's chromatic
    Various and sundry "toy" instruments for the kids.