Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top Musical Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Our fans recently submitted their top picks for musical gift ideas.  I've listed the items along with pricing and a few features and benefits for each item to help you decide on the right gift. 

  • Digital Music Recorder -- Price Range - $100+
    • High quality sound representation
    • Digital files can be sent via web to others for assessment (or even to relatives and friends)
    • Files can be named, saved and located easily for future reference
  •  Digital Metronome / Tuner -- Price Range -- $30+
    • Small size - fits into case, many can be attached to music stand for easy access
    • Small adjustments to tempo possible, great for drill practice.
    • Adding metronome and tuner into practice quickly raises the level of accuracy for musicians.
    • Great motivational tool
  • Professional Recording -- $0.99+
    • Demonstrates the true sound and capability of a student's instrument
    • Great motivational tool
    • Quickly provides example of musicality possible in a specific composition
  • High Quality Folding Music Stand -- $35.00+
    • More stable than the inexpensive, silver folding stands
    • Hold heavier books and music folders.
    • Easier setup encourage proper use and adjustment.
  • New Instrument Case -- $200.00+
    • Lighter, easy to carry options available with backpack and shoulder straps.
    • The added pockets provide storage for books, music and accessories.  No more excuses for forgetting items for lessons :-) 
    • Modern designs are more attractive to young and old musicians.
  • Supplies, Reeds, Valve Oil, Cleaning Kits -- $2.00+
    • Great stocking stuffers
    • Students seem to never have the supplies they need :-)
    • Small items that show you support a student's involvement in music, young or old.
  • SmartMusic -- $30
    • Of course, the best way to provide SmartMusic is to enroll a student in viaAcademies.
    • SmartMusic is a great practice tool.
  • Concert Tickets -- $0.00 +
    • A great way to spend a few hours with family and friends
    • Live concerts stimulate us to practice and create music on our own
    • Tickets support music in your hometowns and add value to all musicians
What other ideas can we add?

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