Friday, November 13, 2009

viaAcademies and the Warrior Run Middle School Unite

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Warrior Run Middle School, Turbotville PA.  Warrior Run will be rolling out viaAcademies to the middle school band students in grades 5-8.  I am so happy to be working with Mr. Robert (BJ) Hickey.  His forward thinking vision is always present.  When we began talking about what we could accomplish together, the partnership quickly evolved into reality. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be organizing a parent information and demonstration event to be held at Warrior Run.  As a new program offering, having the trust of the Warrior Run School District to provide opportunities to their students is such a great testimonial for all of the hard work the team has put into building our program.  Although the planning for our partnership has been fun, the joy came yesterday when I had the chance to train our student spokes person.  Alicia is a perfect model student for those yet to enroll.  

Warrior Run will be rolling out our program following our "School Partnership" integration model.  Mr. Hickey will serve as the teacher for the students in his program in the online courses. This approach gives Mr. Hickey the ability to support his students directly, track their progress and gain valuable information to support in-school lessons.  We've built unique classes for the Warrior Run students which allows them to stay together, working side-by-side with their peers.

Each student enrolled will receive a login to our secure learning management system.  Their login will provide them access to all of the content, videos, quizzes and tests to help them progress.  Each student will also receive a subscription to SmartMusic.  Our program uses SmartMusic to help students stay motivated to practice and to record themselves performing their practice activities.  After they have made their recording, students upload the recordings into our learning management system.  Mr. Hickey will have the ability to review the recordings and provide feedback to the students both online and in his in-school lessons.  

For more information on rolling out viaAcademies at your school, email me at: or call our offices at 570.437.8826.

Welcome to the Warrior Run Middle School.  Thank you for becoming a member of the viaAcademies family.

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